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Go ahead, take it to the next level.


So you know firsthand about the dedication,
hard work and even the sacrifice it takes to
 run your own business.

Early days. Late nights. Constantly putting
your reputation on the line and pushing yourself to the edge. It’s challenging, but fulfilling.


We get it. We also get that the decisions and investments we make today will have an impact on our customers, family and our industry far
into the future.


We work hard to be good partners to our customers. That’s why we invest heavily in new manufacturing facilities and develop new tools
to help you grow your business – because we know the best investment for the long-term
is the experience we deliver to you.

FAMILY OWNED & OPERATED. Quality, craftsmanship and integrity are in our DNA.

Since 1951, IKO has always been a company
that cares - about the quality of our products,
the needs of our customers and the success of our contractors and distributors. IKO has grown from humble beginnings to a global leader in
the roofing products industry, with more than 3,000 employees worldwide, and state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in the United States, Canada, England, Belgium, Holland, France
and Slovakia.

But IKO is still a family business at heart, not
some faceless corporation. Family-owned and operated for four generations, IKO is in it for
the long haul. And by long haul, we don’t mean until a comfortable retirement. We mean for generations to come. You’re an entrepreneur.





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